Why is death such a huge problem in DarkRP?
Started by Zineq

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10-12-2021, 02:17 PM -
I've gotten a question about a few things.
I've been banned by KimPossible for saying "kys" to a player raiding my base while I was in a sit with an admin and I got returned a killed. I was obviously pissed since I had bad day after grinding for 48h.

I'm wondering why saying slurs to someone is such a bad thing especially "kys" although I've apologized to the person itself and such.
I don't get it why it's not a warning (like usual servers would) but instead I get banned for 10 days instantly.
I'm still quite upset about this since I might not even be able to play in a few days for a longer period of time and I've been grinding to get platinum thief and I reached the goal but only had to get the money my friend lend me.

Because of this I really just have the question why a ban? I've been talking with my mental coach about this and he knows a bit of stuff about gaming including Garry's Mod and he didn't understand either why it's not a warning or a day ban instead.

Could I maybe get something like an answer to this because I am genuinely confused and upset.

- In game: Zineq
Staff Interviewer

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10-14-2021, 07:21 AM -
Because u endorsed suicide? Do U think that u will be given a slap on the back and off ur way again?

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