warn appeal
Started by DangleDo

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04-25-2021, 08:33 AM -
n-game name: BlubMan

SteamID 32 (not SteamID64):76561199159841340/

Name of the staff member that warned you: ObiWan

Warn Reason: Freespelling

Server (1-6): 2

Why do you think you were warned?: I was warned for freespelling but it was crossfire

Do you think it is a false warning? (Yes/No): Yes

If so why?: Because I shot the spell at the 5 star and he walked right infront of it as soon as i did it

Why should your warning be removed?: Because it was a clear crossfire and the staff member said it could be removed

Any evidence to support your case:https://medal.tv/clips/50397039/d1337y9aSTBE
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04-25-2021, 11:17 AM -
Staff member has been contacted. Please stay patient and wait for his reply.
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04-25-2021, 02:40 PM -
So someone made a sit on this person for free spelling. When I brought both of them to the sit I guess his mom was calling him so he had to go. He said he had a clip but wanted me to just go ahead and warn him. When he got back he found out he was banned and called me on discord. we talked on discord and he ended up showing me the clip. When I was watching the clip on discord I did agree it was crossfire so, I told him to make a warn appeal.
Staff Manager

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04-25-2021, 03:42 PM -
Appeal Accepted
Warn will be removed. Make sure you don't crossfire again please.
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