warn appeal
Started by MobSet

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04-16-2021, 07:47 PM -
In-game name: MobSet

SteamID 32 (not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:598659074

Name of the staff member that warned you: ColdBearAction

Warn Reason: ColdBearAction for: ARDM/RDM_FirstOffence

Server (1-2): 2

Why do you think you were warned?: I was testing PAP (Pack a Punch) Upgrades, I was seeing the recoil, I hit him for 32

Do you think it is a false warning? (Yes/No): N

If so why?: I shot him through the other shotgun shells/pellets it hit him, I do take full responsibility

Why should your warning be removed?: I was cooperative, I told the truth so no logs had to be pulled up, I tried to give a "Gift" For a verbal, but the guy/girl was irrelated, I understand, and I would like to be a +REP Overall {example, No warns/Bans}

Any evidence to support your case: N/A

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04-16-2021, 09:22 PM -
Staff member has been contacted. Please stay patient and wait for his reply.
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04-16-2021, 09:40 PM -
Hello so you did shoot him and you did own up to it Which I do gladly respect The person did wanted you warn for ARDM as he has no regen and as a citizen only had 100HP and was in spawn. The warn Is a Valid warn despite how the situation was dealt with overall.
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Assistant Staff Manager

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04-16-2021, 11:35 PM -
Appeal Denied
Warn is Valid
Discord: YoSoy#7838
If you need to contact me please put a coherent message and that its for elites server 

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