if u feel down read this
Started by Fyrozs

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03-12-2021, 10:24 PM -
Look if someone is stupid enough to walk away from you. I know it's gonna be really hard but let them go. You deserve better and they're gonna regret it because you're gonna be the best thing that they've ever had

and remember Everyday is a new beginning.
Take a deep breath smile and start again.

Hey you might have problems in school at home with friends but remember if you worry about the past you will never have a future so just forget about it and move on .

If you're in love you have two choices Wait or Forget. You have to choose Because if you don't you are going to get hurt. Your going to get really hurt

Always remember what ever your going through you are going to get through it no matter what. Wanna know why It's because I believe in you. You might think "No one cares about me, Why do I deserve to live" you might think your alone but your not. You are just telling your self that your alone. But in reality you have many caring people around you. You just have to believe it too.

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04-08-2021, 05:56 AM -
I feel up now Smile
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04-08-2021, 01:33 PM -
I don't, even my cat lookin at me weird

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04-09-2021, 05:33 AM -
the cat probably looked up
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04-10-2021, 02:53 PM -
Posting Freak

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04-11-2021, 11:32 AM -
This is helpful
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