Ban Appeal
Started by r҉j҉.҉2҉4҉s҉

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02-17-2021, 09:31 PM -
In-game name: Cant really rember

SteamID (not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:553229160

Name of the staff member that banned you: pulse im preety sure

Ban Reason: scamming

Server Number (1 to 7): 2

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): cant rember

Why do you think you were banned?: for scamming im not gonna go into the thing that moxi said it was ok he did but not gonna get started again

Why should you be unbanned?: i felt like i have had time to reflect on my behaviour and bounce back from what i did and be a great meber of the community Smile

Any evidence to support your case: no sorry

Any other details:

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02-17-2021, 09:32 PM -
Staff member has been contacted. Please stay patient and wait for his reply.
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02-17-2021, 09:50 PM -
Another thing im really sorry for my actions i acted out of control when i didnt respect u im really sorrry for that justinn and potato and any other staff i offended i have anger problems and ik thats not an excuse i just wanna say im really sorry
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02-17-2021, 11:05 PM -
Hi there,
Last time you made a ban appeal you got given the chance to get a full inventory and money wipe, but you didn't respond to it.... However I believe you still can be unbanned with a full inventory and money wipe.

Have a nice day!

note for (a)sm reviewing this: Details of the ban are all explained in the last appeal.
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02-17-2021, 11:21 PM -
ok i am more than happy with a money and inventory wipe
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02-18-2021, 07:35 PM -
Appeal Pending
Create a ticket on our discord server for a full inventory and money wipe.
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05-09-2021, 11:12 PM -
Appeal Denied
Didn't create a ticket on the discord server.
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