idk why i was banned
Started by best player na

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01-14-2021, 01:26 AM -
In-game name:ultra big pp

SteamID (not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:561925887

Name of the staff member that banned you:Bowlowlbow

Ban Reason:"minor exploiting"

Server Number (1 to 7):3

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy):13/1/2021

Why do you think you were banned?: cuz i was fast after i died with my t1

Why should you be unbanned?: i had no clue i had it when i kiled somone after i relized it i ran away from the cops and got rid of the speed glitch i didnt know that i had the glitch when i spawned becouse i was still froze from the perk from dieing before with a fast t1, i was getting sheilds and a cop tried to arrest me so i killed him then relised that i was fast when i ran away from the other cops, once i relised i just ran away from the cops and fixed it.

Any evidence to support your case:

Any other details: if i would of know when i spawned that i was still fast i would of changed jobs then, but i was still hit from the freeze perk so i didnt relise intill after killing a cop trying to arrest me
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01-14-2021, 01:42 AM -
Yes you do, I gave you the evidence. You were abusing the speed glitch.

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01-14-2021, 01:45 AM -
i told u i didnt know i was fast from before i was still froze when i respond i only knew after i ran from then. i ran to slums and /droped my white cuz i couldnt invholstered it then i fixed it and didnt have the speed glitched anymore

idk how i was abusing it cuz they tried to arrest me its not like i went raiding or capping points with it

all i did was defend my self
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Kyle Rice

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01-14-2021, 01:57 AM -
Free da homie he aint do nothing wrong he just spawned he didnt mean to speed glitch he wasnt abusing it as he had no clue that he was speed glitched when he first spawned in and all he did was self defense from getting arrested if he abused it he would've kept running around with the glitch
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01-14-2021, 06:56 AM -
Free Me and This Homie!
Assistant Staff Manager

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01-14-2021, 07:10 PM -
Appeal Denied
Ban is VALID.
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