Lemme get this warn removed

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Better Peanutty

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08-31-2020, 06:08 AM -
In-game name: Hydra Phappy

SteamID 32 (not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:120010857

Name of the staff member that warned you: gator

Warn Reason: Failrp or RDA

Server (1-6):2

Why do you think you were warned?: i got warned because i arrested someone with a gun out.

Do you think it is a false warning? (Yes/No): Yes

If so why?: So it states on the billboard in front of fountain and around the map that " all citizen must have weapons licence to hold weapons,Found with a weapon warned to drop or AOS" So the staff member without checking said i have to warn him to put his weapon away. even tho is does not state in the rules or on the billboard i read it off of. the staff member refereed to this rule "1.16 (a) When warning someone to go away etc, you must advert the warning 3 times with at least 3 seconds in between each advert.(This also apply's for police when warning to put a gun away)" but this rule does not tell me to warn them. and on the bill board it says AOS "arrest on sight". in my opinion unlike others it says "i can either warn then to drop there weapon --->OR<--
arrest them"

Why should your warning be removed?: The staff member was wrong

Any evidence to support your
case: https://gyazo.com/b7a2d287a7c0cdb0dffd75730892a3a5

Any other details: people who play anime intros in there mic are gig bay
Senior Member

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08-31-2020, 09:37 AM -
No you gotta warn em to put it away. Take it from the best police roleplayer on the server.
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Staff Manager

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08-31-2020, 12:34 PM -
Appeal Denied
Warn is VALID.
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