warn appeal-JAYBIIE
Started by Jaybiie

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08-01-2020, 05:18 PM -
Have you been warned unfairly? Well, we all make mistakes and here's your chance to appeal for it! Please follow the template and be patient while we review your appeal!

In-game name:JAYBIIE

SteamID 32 (not SteamID64):STEAM_0:1:115763081

Name of the staff member that warned you:corruptgod STEAM_0:1:226542043

Warn Reason:rdm

Server (1-6):1

Why do you think you were warned?:for mugging a guy who ran away and apparently lost site of him when i didnt and got warned

Do you think it is a false warning? (Yes/No):yes

If so why?:i wasnt aloud to present my evidence and just warned me before letting me bec i say him flying around and apparently i couldnt see him

Why should your warning be removed?:false warn t staff didn't follow proper methods

Any evidence to support your case: https://youtu.be/XNOqpr4GeA4

Any other details:he should really take evidence even if he thinks im in the wrong
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08-02-2020, 10:50 AM -
Staff member has been contacted. Please stay patient and wait for his reply.
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08-02-2020, 11:00 AM -
Hello! Yes i will say the evdience is real and i believe this was my bad it was 3AM for me so i was feeling overwhelmed and very tired so yes i think the evidence is enough for a warn appeal this is my bad and i will learn from my mistakes
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08-02-2020, 04:36 PM -
-Appeal Denied-
Warn is Valid.
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