Ban appeal
Started by dozy

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07-24-2020, 10:01 PM -
In-game name: dozy

SteamID (not SteamID64): I’m on phone rn

Name of the staff member that banned you: legendaryviper

Ban Reason: a guy kept trying to rda and rdm me so I arrested him but he didn’t go to jail he just respawned at spawn instantly so I kept trying to arrest him to get him in jail but it wasn’t working then an admin said he has to ban me

Server Number (1 to 7): 1

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): today around 1 and a half hours ago

Why do you think you were banned?: probably mrda but it wasn’t my fault

Why should you be unbanned?: bcos the guy kept trying to rda and rdm me and he wouldn’t go to jail he just respawned which isn’t my fault

Any evidence to support your case: no sorry

Any other details: nope
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07-24-2020, 10:11 PM -
Hello! We've reached out to the Staff Member involved as well as our Management team regarding your ban appeal!

Appeal Pending
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07-24-2020, 11:56 PM -
I banned you as you arrested the same person 4 times in less than 5 mins and killed him at least twice. I was spectating both of you and you arrested him in front of me for no reason when I checked logs it said that you arrested him 4 times which is MRDA but not only that you also left the server after I said im going to have to ban you for MRDA. I checked dmg logs and found nothing between you and the reporter before you started arresting him. im sorry if you feel this ban is unjustifyed however the ban is valid.
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07-26-2020, 08:35 AM -
Appeal Denied
Ban is VALID.
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