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Welcome to the New & Improved Elitelupus Price Sheet. We are dedicated to give you the most updated prices on the server and on the market. This is the most TRUSTED Price sheet for players. We have gathered prices across #market on discord, in-game and by word of mouth. Through the research we have done, we have compiled what we believe to be the most accurate prices for each item/skin in the game. We updated the sheet weekly. Anything you believe we have missed, overpriced or underpriced, please feel free to message us. 
heet Editors:
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Hylou#7037 - Moderator
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HECK YEAH !!!!!!!
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sick dude
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~But remember, it's always easy with hindsight.
love u secret
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Looks like there was a lot of work put into this form! Thank you so much and I will be using this format for future trading. Well done!
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Speed speed lover game's not over
Tysm, just found out that i overpriced so much stuff
Thank you for the feedback !
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I hope this gets updated time from time
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Nice looks good
just a question, but it says rainbow gaster 400 > 600 mil then in another section rainbow gaster 350 > 400 mil so im confuse which one is the price?
used to be support and discord mod l0l

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