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Job & buy commands
These commands should help with what job you want to be or what you want to buy!
Use these commands in chat only use the bold text

    ["/911"]                          =    "Cry for help, the police will come (hopefully)!",
    ["/advdealer"]                    =    "Become Adv Gun Dealer.",
    ["/alchemist"]                    =    "Become Alchemist.",
    ["/bankmanager"]                  =    "Become Bank Manager.",
    ["/blood"]                        =    "Become Bloodz Member.",
    ["/bloodleader"]                  =    "Become Bloodz Leader.",
    ["/bloodlt"]                      =    "Become Bloodz Lieutenant.",
    ["/bpbuyacet"]                    =    "Purchase a Acetone",
    ["/bpbuyacet2"]                  =    "Purchase a Acetic Anhydride",
    ["/bpbuybeaker"]                  =    "Purchase a Beaker",
    ["/bpbuybunsenburner"]            =    "Purchase a Bunsen Burner",
    ["/bpbuyfreezer"]                =    "Purchase a Freezer",
    ["/bpbuyguide"]                  =    "Purchase a Guide Book",
    ["/bpbuyketoacid"]                =    "Purchase a Keto Acid",
    ["/bpbuymeth"]                    =    "Purchase a Methyltestosterone",
    ["/bpbuynapth"]                  =    "Purchase a 2-Napththol",
    ["/bpbuypillpress"]              =    "Purchase a Pill Press",
    ["/bpbuyprog"]                    =    "Purchase a Progestorone",
    ["/bpbuypropacid"]                =    "Purchase a Propionic Acid",
    ["/bpbuysaliacid"]                =    "Purchase a Salicylic Acid",
    ["/bpbuysele"]                    =    "Purchase a Selenium Dioxide",
    ["/bpbuywater"]                  =    "Purchase a Deionized Water",
    ["/buyarrowshooting"]            =    "Purchase a Arrow-Shooting Spell",
    ["/buyatable"]                    =    "Purchase a Alchemy Table",
    ["/buycolloshoo"]                =    "Purchase a Colloshoo Spell",
    ["/buycomputerb"]                =    "Purchase a Computer",
    ["/buycomputerw"]                =    "Purchase a Computer",
    ["/buycooling1"]                  =    "Purchase a Cooling Upgrade 1",
    ["/buycooling2"]                  =    "Purchase a Cooling Upgrade 2",
    ["/buycooling3"]                  =    "Purchase a Cooling Upgrade 3",
    ["/buyfloppy"]                    =    "Purchase a Floppy disk",
    ["/buygaussammo"]                =    "Purchase a Gluon Ammo",
    ["/buygeneratorfuel"]            =    "Purchase a Fuel",
    ["/buygrenadio"]                  =    "Purchase a Grenadio Spell",
    ["/buyhammer"]                    =    "Purchase a Jewelry Hammer",
    ["/buyingredient"]                =    "Purchase a Random Ingredient",
    ["/buyminingshelf"]              =    "Purchase a Bitmining Shelf",
    ["/buynucleargenerator"]          =    "Purchase a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator",
    ["/buypotion"]                    =    "Purchase a Potion Glass",
    ["/buypowercable"]                =    "Purchase a Power Cable",
    ["/buypowercombiner"]            =    "Purchase a Power Combiner",
    ["/buypowergenerator"]            =    "Purchase a Generator",
    ["/buyrack"]                      =    "Purchase a Printer Rack",
    ["/buyrgbkit"]                    =    "Purchase a RGB Kit Upgrade",
    ["/buysensorde"]                  =    "Purchase a Door Sensor emitter",
    ["/buysensordr"]                  =    "Purchase a Door Sensor receiver",
    ["/buysensorf"]                  =    "Purchase a Fire sensor",
    ["/buysensorle"]                  =    "Purchase a Laser",
    ["/buysensorlr"]                  =    "Purchase a Laser trap receiver",
    ["/buysensorm"]                  =    "Purchase a Motion sensor",
    ["/buyserver"]                    =    "Purchase a Server",
    ["/buysolarpanel"]                =    "Purchase a Solar Panel",
    ["/buyspeedavec"]                =    "Purchase a Speedavec Spell",
    ["/buyspellaccio"]                =    "Purchase a Accio Spell",
    ["/buyspellacriea"]              =    "Purchase a Acriea Spell",
    ["/buyspellalohomora"]            =    "Purchase a Alohomora Spell",
    ["/buyspellappartion"]            =    "Purchase a Apparition Spell",
    ["/buyspellarrestomomentum"]      =    "Purchase a Arresto Momentum Spell",
    ["/buyspellavadakedavra"]        =    "Purchase a Avada Kedavra Spell",
    ["/buyspelldepulso"]              =    "Purchase a Depulso Spell",
    ["/buyspellepiskey"]              =    "Purchase a Episkey Spell",
    ["/buyspellheyedillio"]          =    "Purchase a Heyedillio Spell",
    ["/buyspellhocus"]                =    "Purchase a Hocus Spell",
    ["/buyspellimpedimenta"]          =    "Purchase a Impedimenta Spell",
    ["/buyspellobscuratio"]          =    "Purchase a Obscuratio Spell",
    ["/buyspellobscuro"]              =    "Purchase a Obscuro Spell",
    ["/buyspellpericulum"]            =    "Purchase a Periculum Spell",
    ["/buyspellprotego"]              =    "Purchase a Protego Spell",
    ["/buyspellvulnerasanentur"]      =    "Purchase a Vulnera Sanentur Spell",
    ["/buyspellwalkspeeden"]          =    "Purchase a Walkspeeden Spell",
    ["/buyspellwingardiumleviosa"]    =    "Purchase a Wingardium Leviosa Spell",
    ["/buyterminal"]                  =    "Purchase a Terminal",
    ["/buyuniammo"]                  =    "Purchase a Universal Ammo",
    ["/buyupsupgrade"]                =    "Purchase a Power Supply Upgrade",
    ["/buyzwf_doobytable"]            =    "Purchase a DoobyTable",
    ["/buyzwf_mixer"]                =    "Purchase a Mixer",
    ["/buyzwf_muffinmix"]            =    "Purchase a Muffin Mix",
    ["/buyzwf_oven"]                  =    "Purchase a Oven",
    ["/casino"]                      =    "Become Casino Owner.",
    ["/cityworker"]                  =    "Become City Worker.",
    ["/crip"]                        =    "Become Cripz Member.",
    ["/cripleader"]                  =    "Become Cripz Leader.",
    ["/criplt"]                      =    "Become Cripz Lieutenant.",
    ["/darthvader"]                  =    "Become Darth Vader.",
    ["/dj"]                          =    "Become DJ.",
    ["/drugc"]                        =    "Become Drug Cook.",
    ["/harrypotter"]                  =    "Become Harry Potter.",
    ["/hitman"]                      =    "Become Hitman.",
    ["/hitmanpro"]                    =    "Become Hitman Pro.",
    ["/hitmanu"]                      =    "Become Hitman Ultimate.",
    ["/hoboking"]                    =    "Become Hobo King.",
    ["/lukeskywalker"]                =    "Become Luke Skywalker.",
    ["/miner"]                        =    "Become Miner.",
    ["/oldguy"]                      =    "Become Kidnapper.",
    ["/opzwf_weedgrower"]            =    "Become OP Weed Grower.",
    ["/paramedic"]                    =    "Become Medic.",
    ["/phar"]                        =    "Become Pharmacist.",
    ["/police"]                      =    "Become Police Officer.",
    ["/policechief"]                  =    "Become Police Chief and skip the vote.",
    ["/president"]                    =    "Become President Donald J Trump.",
    ["/pthief"]                      =    "Become Platinum Thief.",
    ["/secrets"]                      =    "Become Secret Service and skip the vote.",
    ["/security"]                    =    "Become Security Guard.",
    ["/sellalldoors"]                =    "Sell all of your doors.",
    ["/shelf"]                        =    "Purchase a Gun Shelf",
    ["/sniper"]                      =    "Become SWAT Sniper.",
    ["/staff"]                        =    "Become Staff on Duty.",
    ["/swatheavy"]                    =    "Become SWAT Heavy.",
    ["/swatjugg"]                    =    "Become SWAT Juggernaut.",
    ["/thief"]                        =    "Become Thief.",
    ["/thiefa"]                      =    "Become Anime Thief Ultimate.",
    ["/thiefp"]                      =    "Become Thief Pro.",
    ["/thiefu"]                      =    "Become Thief Ultimate.",
    ["/thiefvip"]                    =    "Become Thief VIP.",
    ["/voldemort"]                    =    "Become Voldemort.",
    ["/votepolicechief"]              =    "Vote to become Police Chief.",
    ["/votesecrets"]                  =    "Vote to become Secret Service.",
    ["/voteswat"]                    =    "Vote to become SWAT.",
    ["/wizard"]                      =    "Become Wizard.",
    ["/zwf_trashman"]                =    "Become Trashman.",
    ["/zwf_weedgrower"]              =    "Become Weed Grower.",

These are all commands to spawn stuff or change jobs that you will need, have a good one!
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