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In-game name:Grossones

SteamID  (not SteamID64):STEAM_0:0:423680325

Name of the staff member that banned you:OREO

Ban Reason: Minor Exploiting 

Server Number (1 to 7):either 4 or 5 

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy):22/05/2020

Why do you think you were banned?:i have no idea 

Why should you be unbanned?: I think i should be unbanned because i have no idea what i did and i never had any sort of admin sit for this i just woke up and then saw that i was banned 

Any evidence to support your case:i have no evidence because i dont even know what i did or when i did it 

Any other details:i just want to be unbanned so i can know what i event did and if i can have a admin sit for it. i dont care if i get banned again right after that i just want to know what i did so i can fix it so i dont do it again
Staff member has been contacted. Please stay patient and wait for his reply.
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Grossones; while i was capping your point on S5, you waited and watched me capping and ran onto your point when i had 4 seconds left on capping and then the point went back to u, then No Scope did the same thing and killed you and got the point

after which i made a player report on you, and IcySpicy

Always being banned!

What nebula said
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Appeal Denied
Ban is VALID. Evidence was provided.
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