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Ban Appeal
In-game name: ØC Frosty

SteamID  (not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:57859

Name of the staff member that banned you: Oreo 

Ban Reason: MNLR

Server Number (1 to 7): Server 7

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): 3/27/2020

Why do you think you were banned?: I broke NLR 3 time unintentionally not 4 but I’ve compensated the guy 50mil and said srry so he’s gonna +1 this post and confirm that he indeed wants me unbanned.

Why should you be unbanned?: I should be unbanned because he wants me unbanned and I was x3 not 4 so not mass which = no ban.

Any evidence to support your case: check his reply

Any other details: he’s gonna +1 this post and say he wants me unbanned and he was refunded for his loss and more. I had my mate who owed me money pay him so things are good and I should be getting unbanned very soon hopefully! 
hello i am the other person in this situation (the one that wanted him banned) we have since gone over it and both agreed he only nlred 3 times not 4 so the mass nlr was not correct and he has also compensated me 50mil so i would greatly appreciate it if you guys could unban him as ive been compd
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Oreo that image proves nothing you were only spectating Tyson and din't see the first time I was killed. I was even basing with Last Kingzz who is a very well known admin and said the first time was in fact NLR x 3 but not 4 because the first time Tyson rdm'd which you clearly failed to realize. When Last Kingzz tried telling you, you then decided to brush him off and told him to make me appeal on the forums. I don't why you're trying to start an argument when it's over and dealt with. I already compensated so all I need is an unban and we're all good simple! The first time I was killed it was rdm he said himself we just want the ban removed.
Doesn't matter where the deaths are NLR can occur anywhere. Ex: dying at bank and waiting at corrupt banker for the person is NLR. 1.3 (a) You must wait at least 4 minutes before returning to the area you died, this is NLR.
1.3 (b) You may not interfere with the player's RP during NLR, E.g. Dying at the bank and then going to the corrupt banker.
In this situation his clan raided my friends base who I was buying printers from and his clan mate ripped my dl. I turned a corner from the block that I was killed on in the middle of the street not interfering what so ever. He killed me which was rdm the first time then I cam back 3 times after that which was NLR x3. He even admitted it himself. The situation is already over and he's been compensated 50mil now we're just waiting for my unban. In the screenshot that Oreo provided since Tyson said the first time was rdm means that I should've been warned for NLR x3 which is not a ban but in this case he's been compensated so it should be removed completely and I should be able to play.
Appeal Accepted
You will be unbanned.
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