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Papy quiting message
Today i will quit elitelupus. It was fun at first but then... Elite added new suits server became p2w clan system will never get fixed. Its annoying how people are mean to when they lose a suit. Its just a game so today I will be quitting this community. It was a little fun in my life. But then server got destroyed Alts/Dupers/glitches/eco destroyed. When elite added gaster it made the game no skill just spam and thats it before you could dl fight now people come to you with red gaster and spam it. Its not fun playing. In last few months elite started losing players. 20% of the server left. When I first came one elite there were only t5s and canons it was really fun. But then new printers new suits new guns new gasters. Eco was broken cause elite sold red one. Then server became really boring. I started playing again met few guys I still play with trap desu/sunking/cubemasternub/itzSnxwy/Turtle/D3f4lt . I enjoy playing with them. So from now ill be playing on different server. Id be playing Apex/Gmod cs and overwatch. Well that's it from me and goodbye elite.

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Sorry to see you go ;( I hope to see you once again on elites servers...
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I hope not

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I also agree with the current state of affairs, old server was best. You will be missed
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Have a good time buddy hope you will be happy.
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Hope this makes you happier!
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Sorry to see you go
Hello this is an old thread so I guess good bye, sadly I couldn't see you!
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My last words on this thing. Praise Osama bin alah. Praise osama bin laden he made me not quit gmod also listen to Rucka rucka ali.

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Sad to see you go
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