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Warn Appeal
In-game name: Itz Ya Boy Mr Demon

SteamID 32 (not SteamID64): 115718

Name of the staff member that warned you: Oreo on duty

Warn Reason: Failrp

Server (1-6):I believe 6

Why do you think you were warned?: I was warned because when I was done raiding I just switched jobs and was gonna go afk mining instead of pick-locking my way out.

Do you think it is a false warning? (Yes/No): Kinda.

If so, why?: I mean I didn't know that it was failrp and nobody was affected from my actions yest I was still reported.

Why should your warning be removed?: In the sit I asked if I can compensate and he said 5mil which is not even worth the 600k I got from his printers and he was just a bystander It wasn't even his base. I naturally refused and got warned. It kept bugging me because I wanted to apply for staff when they open back up and didn't want to have any unnecessary warns. I than pm'd him and we negotiated down to 2mil and my printer with video proof of him saying "unwarn this man."

Any evidence to support your case: https://medal.tv/clips/21216174/d1337rQ4Ne3m

Any other details: Unwarn me plz I compensated and It wasn't intentional anyways.  [Image: HMGi5tzqd1hTJaWB32HE9SqxviYcZWRB1lnsisW4...Q1REub6bV9]
Warn was valid, as you mentioned. Though you do seem genuinely sorry and as long as you've learnt your lesson I am willing to drop it. Thanks for being so helpful
[Image: image0.gif]
Thank you!
Appeal Accepted
Your warn will be removed.
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