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Have you been warned unfairly? Well, we all make mistakes and here's your chance to appeal for it! Please follow the template and be patient while we review your appeal!

In-game name:
a bird that knows whats good 
SteamID 32 (not SteamID64):

Name of the staff member that warned you:
Warn Reason:
idk he didnt say i think 
Server (1-6):
Why do you think you were warned?:
for making sits??
Do you think it is a false warning? (Yes/No):
If so why?:
cuz he wasnt letting show my side of the story and being rude and he want doing his job 
Why should your warning be removed?:
becuz i did nothing wrong
Any evidence to support your case:
logs i have no videos sadly 
Any other details:

the reason why i reported some one is cuz i got rdm by a guy that was mad that i raided him for 3.5 mil 
We've reached out to the Staff Member involved as well as our Management team regarding
your warn appeal!

[Image: image0.gif]
I told you to stop creating sits on the person for the same issue. I told you that his kills were valid and if you kept making sits then you would be warned for ignoring staff. You made another sit, so I warned you. The warn is valid.
You can take this warn away. We came to an agreement on discord.
Appeal Accepted
Your warn will be removed.
Assistant Staff Manager | Support Manager
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