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ŰɯŰ Clan
ŰɯŰ Clan

Founder: Toomfooldesert / Gator
Owner: Gator
Co-Owner: Aekola 
About us:

Our clan started in January and ever since then we've been trying to increase our numbers and strengthen ourselves.  We don't take much seriously and we like to have fun : )

Why you should join:
We can guarantee that you'll have a great time.  We mess around a bit and we do big giveaways and events in the clan.  We are also organized and keep things in order.  

1. We have 2-3 monthly clan meetings.  They are evenly spread out but they are just to ensure that everyone is satisfied and that everything is okay.
2.  You must be active.  We do attendance at the end of every week.
3.  You must be above the age of 14.  Some exceptions may be made depending.

How to join:
To join the clan you have to join the discord and do /apply in #applications

Discord link: https://discord.gg/ZseyXxj
If you have any other questions feel free to message me on discord <3 

| Owner of ŰɯŰ |
Operator | Support Team
If you have any questions my discords always open <3
+rep if you join your a cool kid
+Rep good clan good owners and members
| Staff Team |
| Support Team |
| Discord Moderator |
t0x1c [email protected] poop
cam#8925 On discord

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Good Luck with your Clan
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Best of luck with your new clan!
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I have a clan now Smile
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