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ban appeal 3 players
players - austin, lvl. 99 woodcut nub, maskcuf, all banned for 5 days for major discrimination

lvl 99 woodcut nub is an older brother of maskcuf, who just bought VIP. tested out his old gmod binds to see what they were (from years ago) one happened to have the word ;n****; in it and Corona Cam (a lovely and super cooperative admin lol jk he didnt listen to a word i said) instantly ip banned both of them even though only one accidentally used the word in chat and then, (this part is great) banned me for 5 days for major discrim as well when i asked to be brought in to a sit with him to talk about their potential unban ! (Thanks Corona Cam! You are great staff!) Did i mention i bought VIp yesterday aswell? now both of us who just bought VIP are BOTH banned and NEITHER of us did ANY major discrim it was only my friends older brother who was just TESTING OUT BINDS. i would like to play on this server today, so please unban austin, maskcuf, and lvl. 99 wc nub because none of major discrimd AT ALL we are NOT racist.

https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087162786 maskcuf (didnt major discrim at all) (ban was completely unfair)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/staymintbrah me (austin) (didnt major discrim at all) (ban was completely unfair)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/Coyote35 lvl 99 wc nub (accidentally put ;n****; in chat while testing out old binds from years ago as he just returned to gmod)
btw you need to copy the template or it will be declined
Appeal Denied Incorrect template.
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