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ban appeal
In-game name:

SteamID  (not SteamID64):STEAM_0:0:67559875

Name of the staff member that banned you: oreo

Ban Reason: major discrimination

Server Number (1 to 7): 1

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): 26/03/2020

Why do you think you were banned?: I called someone who came to my base, bragging that he got me banned through voicechat a naughty word towards homosexuals in ooc.

Why should you be unbanned?: It's my first time ever calling someone that word and I get 5 day ban? No warn no mute just straight 5 day ban? 

Any evidence to support your case: none i called him the word

Any other details: The person who reported me, reported me for "harassing" them when they came to my base, antagonizing me laughing, harassing ME.  Should I have gotten a light punishment? Yes, because calling him that didn't solve anything. I don't think I should  be banned, especially because he's the one who is harassing me. Jessexd or whatever the 12 year olds name is, got me banned 3 days ago by lying saying i no collided into my base, and now he gets me banned for harassment when he's the one who is harassing me. 
Hello there! I am upset that you feel this way. To understand what happened better I am going to explain things from my point of view:
You clearly did not only tell this person that he was a "male homosexual" in a discriminatory way but you told the entirety of the server via "//" or "/ooc", You showed no remorse during the sit simply and therefore I do not believe you should be unbanned.
[Image: image0.gif]
I obviously did not call him a "male homosexual", I was censoring it for the forums so I don't get banned...

and as for the remorse, I stated in my appeal that it did not solve anything. I may have sounded unremorseful, as I've been dealing with this child harassing me since I've been on the server. Any other server I go on and play, i'm completely fine and haven't been in any sits, but I join any server with that kid on it and I get banned for days at a time. Both times I've played on the server with him, both times I'm banned. He's obviously out to get me banned for SOME REASON, and he clearly was not offended by the word, only using the rule to get me banned. He laughed and said BYE AGAIN in chat as you banned me. He's harassing me, plain and simple; hence the uncalled for language in ooc.
I do apologize for misusing // to call him that, as it was uncalled for.

It's literally my first offense EVER using that language and its for real FIVE days? Like that's so ridiculous. I see people use the word all the time on the server, and they dont get banned because no one complains about it, but this kid who is OBVIOUSLY out to get me complains and gets me banned for it.

like for real, I've played on the servers for like 2 weeks. that's all. I've been banned for more than half of it because of this kid. I am sorry that I said faggot in ooc. i'm just tryna play the game dude
Appeal Accepted
You will be unbanned. In future be careful with your choice of language and control your temper then this won’t happen.
Staff Manager
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