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Ban Appeal for MNLR and prop abuse
In-game name: Plain Darkness

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:511534192

Name of the staff member that banned you: Bloectasy

Ban Reason: MNLR | Minor prop abusex2

Server Number (1 to 7): 1

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): 26/03/2020

Why do you think you were banned?: I was going to the same location when I died and used a camera to look inside the base where the person killed me

Why should you be unbanned?:
I thought this was like electric state darkrp and would be a red circle that I thought I had manage to bypass as I was able to go back to the location and as for the prop abuse camera I saw it said as a way to get to know what the person's base looks like.

Any evidence to support your case: No

Any other details: I only know the basic rules
Hello! We've reached out to the Staff Member involved as well as our Management team regarding your ban appeal!

Appeal Pending
Forum Moderator
There was no reason for making a ban appeal as you are literally admitting what you did.
1.3 (b) You may not interfere with the player's RP during NLR, E.g. Dying at the bank and then going to the corrupt banker.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I like how he literally admitted to everything. I was in the base raiding and you came back so many times shoving a camera through the wall and breaking NLR, I don't know why you made a ban appeal.
Appeal Denied
Ban is valid.
Staff Manager
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