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Ban Appeal
In-game name: мєѕιαн GetFat

SteamID  (not SteamID64): IDK

Name of the staff member that banned you: OREOS

Ban Reason: Minor Exploiting | NLRX2

Server Number (1 to 7): 2

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): 25/3/2020

Why do you think you were banned?:  Minor Exploiting? 

Why should you be unbanned?: I think i should be unbanned as i didn't intend to minor exploit.I went to my clan members and shot avada at his defences thinking it was fences and couldn't go through. However there weren't fences and the spell went through the prop. Even though it went through the prop the spell didn't actually hit anyone or hurt anyone therefore shouldn't have resulted in a ban but only a warn as nothing came of it and noone died. 

Any evidence to support your case: No i don't have any evidence but chairs was the one who recorded it and should have a clip of me doing it, obviously it doesn't show that i didn't know there wasn't a fence but it shows the incident.

Any other details: I didn't know there wasnt a fence there as most bases i raid have fences as their defences so they are unable to shoot spells through and i was just testing if it did or not and didn't mean to cause harm or hurt anyone in the raid. I also did NLR but that is besides the point as that wouldn't have caused the ban but it was the minor exploiting that did.
Hello there, I am sorry you feel I have made a mistake
I am deeply saddened to see your report, I believe you should remain banned for the following reason(s):
Regardless of whether or not you meant to use "Avada" to exploit, you used it with intent to kill them, why else would you use it. Back to my initial point, the act itself is what I banned you for not whether or not you used it to gain an advantage or kill the player, when you clearly used it to kill the player, the ban is valid and I sincerely wish you remain banned.
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Im confused by your reply as you said i "clearly used it to kill the player". If i wanted to kill the player i would have aimed at him as i knew his location because of the see through walls. I also do not think you have made a mistake but i think that the shouldnt be valid for something that didnt affect someone or i didnt intend to do. Not once did i say you made a mistake or try kill the player but people are entitled to what they think happened even though chairs has video proof. (He most likely does). I literally didnt have the intent to kill and if you think that i am deeply saddened as your way of looking at things is very broken and stupid. My opinion dont get angry/deny it straight away.
i was the person in the base at that moment in time where he "minor exploited" he didnt have the intent to kill me as he would have shot directly at me and he would have done this as he could see where i was located at this time also we were in a call he genuinly had no intent to kill me
Like I previously said, regardless of whether or not he tried to kill you, using "Avada" through a no collided prop is minor exploiting, just like using "cineres" against a wall in someones base. It may not necessarily do damage to the player however it is strictly against the rules, the ban is valid however I am willing to bring it down, not necessarily remove it completely.
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If you're willing to reduce the ban then thats your choice but its all up to you and what you decide so ill just leave it from here
Appeal Denied
Ban is VALID - wait out the ban.
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