Ban Appeal / False Ban
Started by lulcake

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01-15-2020, 11:33 PM -
In-game name: lulcake

SteamID (not SteamID64):STEAM_0:0:503978219

Name of the staff member that banned you: ItzAstro

Ban Reason: LTAP

Server Number (1 to 6):1

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy):15-01-20 07:46
15-01-20 07:46

15-01-20 07:4

Why do you think you were banned?:i have no idea i went off to my bus stop and i simply did not turn my computer off and there would be no reason for me to be pulled to an admin sit and since elite has left i feel like some admin might be abusing there power besides the higher ups 

Why should you be unbanned?:Because there were no reason for me to leave an admin sit and how would i if i went off to school it and it couldnt have been my brother because he was a sleep and again some admin might be abusing there power and unless my internet went off or my power went off then there should be reason for me to be banned

Any evidence to support your case:no like i said i went off to school

Any other details:no
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01-15-2020, 11:47 PM -
Hello! We’ve reached out to the Staff Member involved as well as our Management team regarding your ban appeal!
Appeal Pending

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01-16-2020, 12:15 AM -
i banned you for ltap you were in sit and it said you left

you can unbanned tho it wasnt on purpose
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01-16-2020, 03:26 PM -
Appeal Accepted
You will be unbanned.
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