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Late Introduction
Hello there i guess ill make an Introduction too Tongue

I am OMNI currently Snr. Admin on the Elitelupus Community and I guess known for owning alot of Money Ingame.
I am Usagi's Sugar Daddy, Savon's Stepdad, Nanner's Uncle, Potato s Owner and Abyss Uncle.

Some Infos about me:
I am 21 Years Old and from Austria. I am working in the Austrian Military as an Spotter and Infantry Soldier.
I personally love going into the Gym or Spending Time doing Coding / Graphics Design.
I used to do Youtube but needed to s
top it since i went to an Military Mission for 6Month.

Some Staff Infos about me:
I am currently Snr. Admin on Elitelupus. I used to be Top 1 Sitcount for 2Month and 2Weeks and i am holding the Record for the longest time on Top Sitcount.
My Streak broke when i went on Holiday for a Couple of Days during Christmas and only hit Top 4.
I also am Forum Administrator and looking into the Forums for your Player Reports / Ban Appeals and more.
I am also Support Member and like helping you in Tickets and Answering your Questions.

Some Server Infos about me:
I currently have 2 Billion and PLEASE if you should ever see me Roleplay dont follow me around and ask for Money.
I also was the first Person to gain a Badtime Gaster during the Auction that Elite hosted.
I also Own the Only Taser (got from Auction) and the Only Admin Keypad Cracker (got from Building the Jump and Run for Elite during Halloween)
Some other Rare Items i got: Milkor Mk1, Luger, Awp Dragon Lore, AW50
I am also the Leader of Fallen but personally don't really Interact with my Clan as i dont have alot of Time to Rp.
I might also be Top 1 Donator but thats not Important here.

Well that's most i can tell you about me. I wish all of you a Great Time on the Elitelupus Community and please don't try to break that many Rules.

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Welcome new player!
He is a sexy guy <3

You're friendly
 Ex. Support team
No u
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I saw that you are in the military! Are you on leave currently, or are you administrating / role playing while working?

Also as you are Austrian there is this sausage i tried while staying there and it had a name in german, and it was quite meaty, but with cheese i belive, or some sort of cheese fond. and it was the best sausage i've ever tried! Do you know its name? or some similar Austrian sausages that might peak my interest? Sorry for the weird request hahah
[Image: 3OiBJss.png]
Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!
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