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Late Introduction
Hello there i guess ill make an Introduction too Tongue

I am OMNI currently Snr. Admin on the Elitelupus Community and I guess known for owning alot of Money Ingame.
I am Usagi's Sugar Daddy, Savon's Stepdad, Nanner's Uncle, Potato s Owner and Abyss Uncle.

Some Infos about me:
I am 21 Years Old and from Austria. I am working in the Austrian Military as an Spotter and Infantry Soldier.
I personally love going into the Gym or Spending Time doing Coding / Graphics Design.
I used to do Youtube but needed to s
top it since i went to an Military Mission for 6Month.

Some Staff Infos about me:
I am currently Snr. Admin on Elitelupus. I used to be Top 1 Sitcount for 2Month and 2Weeks and i am holding the Record for the longest time on Top Sitcount.
My Streak broke when i went on Holiday for a Couple of Days during Christmas and only hit Top 4.
I also am Forum Administrator and looking into the Forums for your Player Reports / Ban Appeals and more.
I am also Support Member and like helping you in Tickets and Answering your Questions.

Some Server Infos about me:
I currently have 2 Billion and PLEASE if you should ever see me Roleplay dont follow me around and ask for Money.
I also was the first Person to gain a Badtime Gaster during the Auction that Elite hosted.
I also Own the Only Taser (got from Auction) and the Only Admin Keypad Cracker (got from Building the Jump and Run for Elite during Halloween)
Some other Rare Items i got: Milkor Mk1, Luger, Awp Dragon Lore, AW50
I am also the Leader of Fallen but personally don't really Interact with my Clan as i dont have alot of Time to Rp.
I might also be Top 1 Donator but thats not Important here.

Well that's most i can tell you about me. I wish all of you a Great Time on the Elitelupus Community and please don't try to break that many Rules.

[Image: giphy.gif]
Welcome new player!
He is a sexy guy <3

You're friendly
Support team
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