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Ban appeal - dozy - 07-24-2020

In-game name: dozy

SteamID (not SteamID64): I’m on phone rn

Name of the staff member that banned you: legendaryviper

Ban Reason: a guy kept trying to rda and rdm me so I arrested him but he didn’t go to jail he just respawned at spawn instantly so I kept trying to arrest him to get him in jail but it wasn’t working then an admin said he has to ban me

Server Number (1 to 7): 1

Date of the event (dd/mm/yy): today around 1 and a half hours ago

Why do you think you were banned?: probably mrda but it wasn’t my fault

Why should you be unbanned?: bcos the guy kept trying to rda and rdm me and he wouldn’t go to jail he just respawned which isn’t my fault

Any evidence to support your case: no sorry

Any other details: nope

RE: Ban appeal - cameron5002 - 07-24-2020

Hello! We've reached out to the Staff Member involved as well as our Management team regarding your ban appeal!

Appeal Pending

RE: Ban appeal - LegendaryViper - 07-24-2020

I banned you as you arrested the same person 4 times in less than 5 mins and killed him at least twice. I was spectating both of you and you arrested him in front of me for no reason when I checked logs it said that you arrested him 4 times which is MRDA but not only that you also left the server after I said im going to have to ban you for MRDA. I checked dmg logs and found nothing between you and the reporter before you started arresting him. im sorry if you feel this ban is unjustifyed however the ban is valid.

RE: Ban appeal - Potatoo - 07-26-2020

Appeal Denied
Ban is VALID.