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RE: DannyTurbo ban appeal - DannyTurbo - 07-22-2020

did it say that in the logs because im pretty sure they all shot my clan mates i migh thave killed 2 by excident but the red has big radius

i just want to grind rip people and not break rules im so bored since i can't play since im banned

and i couldn't advert crossfire since my game crashed

RE: DannyTurbo ban appeal - Cods - 07-22-2020

(07-21-2020, 09:05 PM)Cods Wrote: You killed at least 4 people who were pretty far away from the point and did not damage you or your clan. That's what I could tell from the logs

RE: DannyTurbo ban appeal - DannyTurbo - 07-22-2020

well those guys were crossfire and they didn't report me ether since they were cool with it

i really just want to play don't break rules and just rp rip and yhe pls just give me second chance i can't wait 5 days ill be so bored because i only play elites

ill do whatever it takes me to be unbanned

and i will never break rules again pls give me second chances it was my first time using badtime

RE: DannyTurbo ban appeal - CHAIR - 07-22-2020

Le poge valaid bain

RE: DannyTurbo ban appeal - Cameron. - 07-22-2020

-Appeal Denied-
Your Ban is Valid.